New Christmas Album finished!!

I’ve been locked away all month working on a Christmas CD for you guys. My wife Tracey, and my good friend Sasha have collaborated with me on this all acoustic album. Alexander Tseitlin (Sasha) arranged and played all of the strings, and I re-arranged some of the classics

iTunes is Live!

Hey there, just wanted to let you know that my new album is now in the iTunes store! Thanks for being patient, and to say thanks again, we’re offering it for only $7.99 on iTunes only!! So go tell the world for me OK? Click the album cover to go directly to [...]

WLN - For Worship Leaders

If you’re a worship leader at your church, or you know a worship leader that might want some new songs to check out, I’ve created a little network of Worship Leaders called the Worship Leader Network, or WLN, creative name… I know It’s just a way for me give out FREE songs

Still working on iTunes…

I dropped my camera the other day… and I’m really missing taking shots with it. I bought it just before we took off for Europe this past summer, and I’m so glad I had it with us there. I was a MAJOR tourist geek. My wife Tracey was embarrassed everywhere we

iTunes is running behind?

Hey guys,
Just wanted to respond to some of the emails I’ve received today. iTunes is apparently behind on getting their new releases up today,

Today is the Day! - iTunes/Digitial Release Day

OK, so here we are. My first recording “You Have Loved”, on Periday Records is set to be up on iTunes today, so let me know if any of you guys see it up.

2 Days to iTunes!

Steve (my pastor) preached a good sermon today. We’re going through the 10 Commandments, and it’s been really good. While talking about the 4th commandment, he had an interesting quote he shared with us. Check this out, I thought it was RIGHT ON:
“….we worship our work, work at our play, and play [...]

World Vision, and Apathy (5 days to iTunes release)

I’m really not trying to turn this blog into a super heavy thing, but I’ve been overwhelmed this week with conversations and thoughts of our role as Americans to the more unfortunate in the world. As I mentioned yesterday, I met with a couple of guys named Jon Yasuda and Tony Hall. One of [...]

A God Day (6 days to iTunes release date)

OK, so before I get to the heavy stuff, let’s all take a look at more people blessed with being born on ctober 14th (the iTunes release day for my new album!)
Born on October 14th:
Usher (the R&B artist)
Joe Girardi (manager of New York Yankees)
King James II (King of England)
Travis Taylor (not the guy with a [...]

Countdown to Oct. 14th - 7 DAYS

October 14th is an important day. It’s the day that some really great people were born, as well as the release date for my You Have Loved album on iTunes. In honor of this day, I think I’ll share some of the people who get to celebrate this birthday/release day along side me:
Born [...]