New Songs Up on Myspace

I’m sitting here waiting for the clock to reach 9:15am (the time at which I will warm up with the band for this morning’s worship service)…. trying to keep my eyelids moving, so let’s blog, great. I did want to tell

Travis Taylor and Jason Morant - OCT. 26th in LA

I hope you guys are not on you computers right now, it’s Saturday, so from now on.. no promises for blogging on Saturday from Travis, we should be outside running or something. However, since I’m here, and in a good mood, I might as well tell you about something coming up on October [...]

Periday/KOCH release coming October 14th!!

Hey everyone, hope you like the new site… BLOG that is. This is my attempt at communicating with you all on a very regular basis. I’ll be posting new blogs/photos/videos on a daily basis. For now, I thought I’d give you all a preview of the PRESS RELEASE about to go out [...]