Good times in Texas

Just wanted to thank everyone who came out to our concerts over the past week in Texas. We has a great time, saw lots of old friends, and met even more new friends. We’re hoping to book some more concerts in the Texas area in late June, so if you know any place [...]

Live on KSBJ Houston (89.3FM)

At 9:30pm until maybe around 10pm… or somewhere in between that half hour I will be live on KSBJ doing an interview and

Dallas/Longview TX

We had some good concerts in the Dallas area last Sunday. Thanks again to everyone who came out, see you again soon! Here are some pics that my buddy Craig shot, check out his company at (great photographer)

my cd for $8.97!

Hey everyone, this website is offering my new CD “You Have Loved” for a great price, just

Frugality is the new Black

So did you hear that conspicuous spending is out and frugality is the new black? It’s true, at least that’s what CNN is saying so you know it’s true ; ) This is great news,