Word Vision is trying to raise awareness and funds to help fight the famine in the horn of Africa this week.  I’m not sure how informed you may  be, but here are a few facts:

12.4 million are affected in the region, and some 30,000 children have already lost their lives

More than 35% of all children [...]

Just One Sponsor - Last Day

On the last day of the Uganda/World Vision leg of my journey to Africa, I had the opportunity to witness a reunion between a member of our WV staff, and her sponsor child Sylvia. This was not the first time they had met, and when we arrived there was a heart-warming reunion. I was [...]

Uganda Update - Kasangombe Part 2

I’m up a lot earlier than the usual musician this morning.  It’s 5am here in Nairobi, Kenya, great.  I guess this is a good time to tweet you peeps in the US, I think it’s 7pm there.  I’m actually not with the World Vision crew any longer, I parted from them in Entebbe yesterday, and [...]

Uganda Update - Kasangombe

Today was another action packed day. Before I get into the details of of the day, the reason it’s been so long in between posts is because yesterday we traveled down dirt roads and sub-par highways for a little over 9 hours. Part of that was through a game reserve where we stopped [...]

Uganda Update - Day 3 (Intense)

Today was another incredible day. I will try and keep this as short as it can be , but it’s going to take bit of time.  We got off to an early start and were on the road by 7am. We traveled from Rakai to a perish named Kibuuka, where we stopped to visit a [...]

Uganda Day 2 - Meet Nicholas!

As I sit at the desk in my hotel room, killing mosquitoes that have some how slipped through the mosquito nets, (I’m hoping these things don’t munch on me tonight) my heart is filled with joy, hope, and brokenness. Today we traveled for about 6 hours on a worn out road, through Kampala to a [...]

Uganda Day 1- Entebbe (part 2)

It’s been a long day in Entebbe, but a good one.  Today has been a rest day as we waited for the rest of the group to arrive, several flights were significantly delayed (thankfully not mine).  I was hoping to sneak away and try and catch a Nile Perch on Lake Victoria, but the fisherman [...]

Uganda Day 1 - Entebbe

The flights were surprisingly easy. I slept through the entire 10 hour flight to London, but was wired all night long on the flight to Entebbe. We arrived at the hotel this morning at around 9AM, and everything so far has been great. Still waiting on all of the World Vision staff [...]

Leaving for Uganda this week!

This Friday I’m heading off to London, where I will spend a day running around acting like a crazy person in the streets of Hammersmith and Earl’s Court, (I know the riots are over but I just want to say I was a part of the action).  Then I’m flying to Entebbe, Uganda, where I’ll [...]