New Christmas Album finished!!

I’ve been locked away all month working on a Christmas CD for you guys. My wife Tracey, and my good friend Sasha have collaborated with me on this all acoustic album. Alexander Tseitlin (Sasha) arranged and played all of the strings, and I re-arranged some of the classics with acoustic guitar and piano. There’s also a song that I wrote with my wife Tracey on our first Christmas as a family called “It’s Christmas Time” (before we had any children). It’s kind of neat to listen to the words now and see how this song pretty much painted a picture of the future of my family. We have kids of our own now, “throwing paper in the air” every Christmas, as the song states. It will be available on CD as of November 7th, and if you can’t wait until then, you can purchase the MP3 version right here through BandBox, right now!

Check it out: (if you cannot see the BandBox player here, go to


2 Responses to “New Christmas Album finished!!”

  1. travistaylor Says:

    Hey guys, let’s test this comment thing out… tell me what you think of the Christmas album???

  2. DR Says:

    The Christmas EP is great. I love the way you Yule Tide!