I need a new lens!

I know I’ve vented about this before, but I’m getting frustrated not having a camera to play with. I dropped my camera bag a while back while I was up in the mountains (Big Bear Lake, CA). Since then I’ve been stuck without a good lens to shoot with… I’m on the hunt for a good deal, and I’m too cheap (my wife can attest) to just buy a new one. I’m no pro photographer, but I REALLY love taking photos, I kind of just discovered this love. Any photographers out there? I’m looking for a good 18-200mm AF-S VR lens to go with my Nikon D60… Here are a few shots I took with it… the first one is a shot of the River in Vienna, (on my last Europe tour), then some of my band in a small club in London that played at, and the the bridge shot is in Big Bear Lake, CA … just moments before my lens disaster ;-)


4 Responses to “I need a new lens!”

  1. Armondo Peterman Says:

    Nice pictures Travis. What do you think about this election?

  2. travistaylor Says:

    thanks, I love photography… still learning a ton, but it’s fun. Read the latest blog “Oboma and You” for some of my thoughts on the election..

  3. Cindy Poch Says:

    I’m a Canon lens addict! I always look at http://www.slrgear.com before buying a new one. It’s a great site, lists every lens imaginable and lets people post their comments about particular lenses. Once I’ve picked one out, I check pricegrabber (listed under each lens at slrgear), amazon for reviews and posted photos, and the photo category of craigslist for used gear.

    You might consider covering your photo equipment on your homeowner’s insurance policy as a ‘Personal Articles Floater.’ (Works for guitars, too.) I pay around $60 a year for $3K worth of cameras and lenses, and only $30 a year for $5K worth of guitars. It covers accidents and thefts, etc, with no deductible. Well worth the peace of mind.

    I’m reviewing “You Have Loved” for soul-audio.com, by the way. Nice album. Favorite songs are “You Have Loved,” “Love Divine,” and “I Found Love.”

  4. Cindy Poch Says:

    P.S. Be sure and look at Tamron and Sigma lenses for Nikon on slrgear.com. I’ve had good luck with those for Canon, and they are often reasonably priced.