Obama and you

Wow, last night was pretty crazy. We witnessed history alright. Weather you voted for or against the new President Elect, one thing is for sure, “times they are a-changin”. Although I’m not a fan of all of Obama’s policies, or at least some of the policies he campaigned on, I will say this, he’s captured the world by winning this election. I’m curious to see how “bi-partisan” he’s going to be. We really do need to work together to get through this mess. I think he has a unique opportunity to lead in a way no president I’ve seen has ever had, and he needs that edge seeing how our economy is in shambles and we’re in a war that no one seems to be able to agree upon. So no matter what political party you support, it’s time stop politicking and start praying for our Nation, and for our new President Elect.


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