my baby’s coming soon

So I’m going to be spending a lot of time at home over the next few weeks… my wife Tracey is now on “bed-rest” for the remaining 3 weeks of her pregnancy. We’re trying to keep this little one in the incubator for at least two more weeks, the due date is actually not until Dec. 14th! So I guess I’ve got double duty over the next month or so, that just means Tracey’s going to be ready to kick me out of the house soon… I get stirr crazy if I’m locked in too long, but who am I to complain, she’s the one stuck in bed. Keep us in your prayers, we hope to have our 3rd little one soon.

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  1. jon mac Says:

    love the new album, as a worship-leader I just dig the sound and lyrics of No One Who Compares.

    Our church will be doing this song, thanks for making the chords accessible.