Maker of The Ocean

For the last two weeks at my church we’ve played a new song called “Maker of The Ocean”. It’s a new song I wrote for the next Sundays worship CD. I knew from the day I wrote this song that I would love playing it. It’s one of those worship songs that moves from almost silence to pretty much an explosion of sound all within one verse. Well, every time we play it people seem to jump right in and it seems to be effecting everyone else the way it affects me. That’s always a good thing… most of the time it’s the opposite for song writers : ) It’s a song that has the elements of an old hymn in lyrics and structure, but is amplified nicely with modern noise… (Les Pauls, Teles… the usual) It’s not an old hymn, just reminds me of one in ways. Sonically it’s huge. I’m a big fan of Delirious’ earliest stuff like “Live and In The Can”. I feel like this song comes from that family of worship.

As soon as I get the recording finished I’ll put it up on myspace or something like that to let you all get a preview. If you’re a worship leader, make sure you sign up the the WLN on my website (click Woship Leaders) to do so. I’ll definitely be sending it out to the WLN worship leaders soon.


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