The record is here, and it’s rad!

I’m stoked, I just got about 14 boxes in the mail full of vinyl. Yes, those old, black, round pieces of beauty. These are limited edition “You Have Loved” albums, (mostly for promo stuff) that I’m selling through my website and at shows only. If you have ever listened to a good record, you know how exciting this is for me, but if you’ve never had that privilege, you are missing out!. The quality and warmth of these things are amazing, it’s the way music should sound on a recording.

I’ve got a couple of shows coming up, one in Hershey PA, and another one on the other side of the U.S. at The Gathering in Los Angeles, CA. You can get all the details at Myspace, just click the Myspace button above.

Thanks for checking in, talk to you soon!


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