The Chocolate Factory

So I’m leaving in the morning with my guitarist Erick to Hershey, PA. The land flowing with milk chocolate, the birthplace of Willy Wonka I was told, his ghost still chills in the factory that Hershey purchased from Wonka industries back in the early 1960’s. Before I go much further, I want to apologize for misleading any gullable young ladies. Willy is not real, he never was a real person, so no he didn’t really buy the chocolate factory, I just like to joke around like that with my son Van. I know some of you fell for it, I have living proof sitting right her next to me, our babysitter/friend Mikey was just amazed by my factual knowledge of the chocolate industry… so I know if she fell for it, some of you may have as well : )

We’re going to play at a conference for Christian retailers, put together by MUNCE, called CPE… I’ll be leading worship for the Sunday night service. If we have time, we’re going to try and go see some real ghosts at Gettysburg! Erick is basically a tour guide of the “Christian Music Circuit USA”, spending plenty of time on the road with ole Kevin Max and DC Talk. So, if we have time, we’ll go check out the famous battle field. I think we may have a couple of Radio stops too, so if you live in PA, or even MD, then check back here to see when we’re going to be at the radio stations… we may or may not be doing something on air, it’s all kind of last minute.

Well, I’m off to take my hot wife on a much over-due date. Maybe we’ll see you at Paco’s tonight : )

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