Gettysburg, Hershey, now Baltimore

So we just played at the MUNCE CPE event in Hershey, PA ( A Christian Retail Conference) It was good, met lots of great folks. Last night we stayed at General Lee’s house in Gettysburg, which was pretty crazy. We took the tour of all the battlefield spots this morning, then drove to Hershey to play at CPE. Tomorrow we go to Baltimore for a radio visit at 95one WRBS-FM, then we’re on a plane back to LA. Here’s a pic from a Gettysburg gift shop this morning, we had fun : )

Fourscore, seven years years ago…… something, something, something… I think it was seven?….

"The Angle" from a canon's point of veiw

"Little Round Top", looking down on "Devel's Den"

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