Frugality is the new Black

So did you hear that conspicuous spending is out and frugality is the new black? It’s true, at least that’s what CNN is saying so you know it’s true ; ) This is great news, I’m cool again! I can pinch my pennies in style finally.

My wife will not like this, Tracey calls me a tight-wad all the time. I just like to think of myself as “a humble steward” of the cash God’s given me. She’s probably right though, but hey, I’m a trend-setting cool-guy now according to CNN.

So now with everyone rushing to the piggy bank in style, let’s not forget the people who really could use some help during these hard times ahead. Don’t forget about those kids who need sponsorships, or those folks (making less than $2 a day) requesting loans that you can help fund. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out the links on this website for World Vision and Opt-In-Now.

talk to you later

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