Countdown to Oct. 14th - 7 DAYS

October 14th is an important day. It’s the day that some really great people were born, as well as the release date for my You Have Loved album on iTunes. In honor of this day, I think I’ll share some of the people who get to celebrate this birthday/release day along side me:

Born on October 14th:
Jack Arnold (Director of Creatuer of the Black Lagoon)
Ferdinand VII (Former King of Spain)
William Penn
(Founder of Pennsylvania)
Travis Taylor (not the football player who made it to the NFL)

YOU HAVE LOVED on iTunes OCT. 14th

YOU HAVE LOVED on iTunes OCT. 14th

On side note, is anyone planning on watching the presidential debate tonight October 7 ? I’ve been addicted to watching the presidential race this year, and I must say, it’s pretty ugly, and worse every election. I’m so sick of both parties slamming the other in untasteful ways. It seems like they base so much of their strategies on deceptive “facts” (which, by the way are proven wrong on a daily bases by several “Fact” researching organizations). Is it too much to ask for a little more respect for ourselves as a country, especially when electing the most powerful position in the U.S. (and for that matter the world). It’s lame and embarrassing. I hope we can voice our opinions loud enough as citizens to get these politicians to clean up thier acts.

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