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Just had a good meeting with some pastor friends of mine (Philip Heidt, Charles Lee, Tim Morey) down in south bay area about expanding The Gathering. To get anyone up to speed who is not familiar with, let me explain: we host this night of worship once a quarter in the Palisades called The Gathering… basically a night to get together our local community and worship as THE church, while focusing on a particular theme of justice… such as feeding the poor for example.

So now we’re going to start teaming up with other churches in different regions of LA, some of whom are already doing similar events, and some who will be starting to do this for the first time. Picture several “Gathering” events happening all over LA throughout the year… and once a year we all get together for one BIG gathering celebration. You get the idea. It’s happening. If you’re in LA, and you want to be a part of this, let us know, it’s going to be good. We’re looking at possibly the first weekend of November for the first South Bay Gathering…. stay tuned for details.

The next Gathering concert happening in Pacific Palisades is July 26th. Click the image below for more details:

Click for more details on The Gathering

Click for more details on The Gathering

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