Thank You - An Awesome Gathering!

Last night was probably the best Gathering we’ve ever had. A great turn out, and an amazing time in worship. It’s so nice when people get together from different places, churches, etc. and decide to lift up the name of the Lord in worship. That happened in a major way last night, and I was so glad just to be a part of it. It’s one thing being a musician, playing with a great band, and having an awesome night of music. But it’s something completely different when worshipers decide to show up and bring the house down with heart felt praise. No musician can accomplish that on his or her own. No worship leader is responsible for that on their own. It’s something that only happens when God’s people get together with one heart, and decide to realize the magnificence of God. I just feel privileged that I was able to take part last night, so THANK YOU to everyone who showed up!

I could not pull these Gathering concerts off without the help of some faithful, hardworking people, most of whom are never on the stage. Very special thanks to Shawn Gendall, Amen Bains, Andrew and Melanie Doubroff, Steve Faubion, Daniel Klien, the Jesse’s, Erick Cole, and everyone else who helps get things set up and torn down after. You guys are awesome.

The next Gathering is October 25, so mark your calendar now, and well see you then.

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