A God Day (6 days to iTunes release date)

OK, so before I get to the heavy stuff, let’s all take a look at more people blessed with being born on ctober 14th (the iTunes release day for my new album!)

Born on October 14th:
(the R&B artist)
Joe Girardi
(manager of New York Yankees)
King James II (King of England)
Travis Taylor (not the guy with a country album on iTunes)

—————–READ THIS—————————-

Today I had a random encounter with some inspiring people. A good friend of mine invited me last minute to meet with some people working with an organization called Opportunity International. You may have heard of it, it’s a ministry focused on providing micro loans to the poorest of the poor in the world (people who make 2 or less per day). Check out what their doing, it’s pretty amazing: www.opportunity.org

Anyway, these two guys, they are the real deal. It was so inspiring to hear their stories, and to hear their vision for a ministry that has one of the best shots I know of at ending poverty in the world. One of the men I’m speaking of is man named Tony Hall, you should read up on this guy, he’s been working hard for the poor and hungry his whole life (not to mention he’s been a Noble Peace prize nominee 3 times). He shared with us stories of his time with mother Teresa, visits to some of the poorest counties in the world, and answered some of our questions about this ministry. I’ll talk more about this in the future, I’m planning on staying in touch with these guys, Opportunity International is on to something you need to know about.

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