Texas Highways, Snakes, and Tonight

Well, we’re about to get right back on these long Texas highways today. I’ve got to say, I used to think the scenery was boring when I lived here in Texas, but if you’ve ever driven anywhere west of Texas and East of Los Angeles, you know that it’s pretty much desert. So I guess I shouldn’t be complaining, at least its green scenery :-) We’re off today to play at Trinity Life Baptist with my old buddy Hadley, then we drive back through the night to Houston. (today is my son Van’s B-Day so we gotta get back and party some, he’s turning 6 today)

Speaking of Van, every time we come to Texas, it always involves some type of snake being caught. Now he’s got a baby hognose snake as his “two-week” Texas pet. It already swallowed a little frog! Sorry, I know all you Cali-folks are really grossed out now, but I am from Texas, and Van is too.. so what do you really expect from us, we’re in the “country” in Texas?

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