crazy week, last minute gig this sunday

This week has been completely loaded with work, life and music… that’s kind of all the same in my world.  I just got invited to play at Newsong Church in Irvine this Sunday night. I’ll be playing at the Hub at the Justice NOW event.  Details here:

Also, I’m excited about the Christmas Concert that’s coming up on Saturday Dec 5th.  I arranged some parts for a choir (40 plus members, it’s huge and sounds great!), and my good buddy Sasha has put together some amazing arrangements for the String Orchestra and Kids Choir to accompany my band.  It’s going to be insane, the good kind.  So dress it up, put your holiday season black & whites on and lets kick off December with a night of music to remember.  Here’s a link to get more details below, just click on the banner.

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