Rich Stearns this Sunday - World Vision President

Have you ever planned and event or party, and even though you try to make it great, the more you plan, the more you see how it’s really out of your hands from the start.  That’s basically what World Vision Sunday has become at Calvary, in a great way.

A few weeks ago, after we announced that May 2 was going to be focused on World Vision child sponsorships, a college student from Pepperdine University walks up after service and says, and I surely mis-quote “Hi I’m hannah, I here we’re having World Vision Sunday, how can I help?  My dad is the President of World Vision”.  That may or may not seem like a big deal to you, but I was stoked!  Hannah’s father, Rich Stearns, has an amazing story, and he’s done a fantastic job at World Vision since his start.  His recent book “The Hole In Our Gospel” is a great read, and challenges the church to see the Whole gospel, including the ever-most important aspect of serving others and loving our neighbors, near and far, not just attending Sunday services and giving to a charity here and there.

So, my good buddy and co-worker Amen Bains and I set up a coffee with Hannah and here’s what is on the agenda for the next two weeks:

A) Sunday, April 25th, Rich Stearns will actually be at Calvary giving us a quick kick-start into World Vision Sunday (even though WV SUnday is not until May 2).  He just happens to be in town and is generous enough to stop by and say hello and encourage the church to make an impact.  Really looking forward to this.

B)  Hannah and I will be presenting World Vision together on May 2nd.  Hannah has some amazing stories of how World Vision, and her family’s involvement with World Vision, has been profound.  Just hearing how she has been able to interact with the children she sponsors is inspiring.

If you are anywhere in the LA area on May 2nd, I want to personally invite you to join us at our 10:30a.m. service, or later that evening at The Gathering.  If you think you can sponsor a child ($35/month), or even if you think you might want to team up with some friends to get a child sponsored, then this is a great time to take that leap of faith.  You will change a kids life and impact the kingdom of God.

See you there!

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