World Vision, and Apathy (5 days to iTunes release)

I’m really not trying to turn this blog into a super heavy thing, but I’ve been overwhelmed this week with conversations and thoughts of our role as Americans to the more unfortunate in the world. As I mentioned yesterday, I met with a couple of guys named Jon Yasuda and Tony Hall. One of the questions my buddy asked Tony was “how do we communicate to our churches and friends this incredible need?” We were talking about the millions of people around the world who are literally starving and in need of OUR help. It really seems like we as Americans can become so apathetic to the world issues around us, if we are not directly involved some how. It’s hard to tell someone with mere words what it’s like in African villages with no water or food, or what it’s like in certain parts of even our closest neighbor Mexico. You just have to go and see if for yourself, then you will know, then you will care. Some of you reading this are involved, you know exactly what I’m talking about, but some of you may need to get involved somehow. There are lots of ways to get started, one of the best ways I know of is World Vision. They are not the only organization doing great things, but they are one of the best. Think about it, you may be able to change someone’s life with just a dollar a day.

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