Still working on iTunes…

I dropped my camera the other day… and I’m really missing taking shots with it. I bought it just before we took off for Europe this past summer, and I’m so glad I had it with us there. I was a MAJOR tourist geek. My wife Tracey was embarrassed everywhere we went because I had this big camera strapped to my neck and I shot everything that moved. Well, it’s broken now, and I’m missing it. Maybe I’ll go buy a lens soon, let’s see what the economy does : ) I’m supposed to get one for my B-Day, but nothing yet….

Here’s a picture of the band as we were crossing the street in Earl’s Court (London). A bus was passing by so I shot our reflection in it’s windows.

Here’s a pretty mean looking German Shepard in Vienna

Here’s a shot of a man walking to work in Sopron, Hungary

2 Responses to “Still working on iTunes…”

  1. Mark Says:

    Fantastic photos…especially the bus shot which is amazing!

  2. travistaylor Says:

    thanks, yea that was a fun tour.. I took so many photos… drove my wife crazy!