Uganda Day 1 - Entebbe

The flights were surprisingly easy. I slept through the entire 10 hour flight to London, but was wired all night long on the flight to Entebbe. We arrived at the hotel this morning at around 9AM, and everything so far has been great. Still waiting on all of the World Vision staff to arrive, there were a few delays.

So the man sitting next to me on the last flight is a physician from Canada, originally from Congo. He’s heading back to Congo to work with youth that have been a part of the horrible war there. It was very interesting to hear his perspectives on the war, particularly about diamonds and mining.

As soon as I got into my room I kept hearing this loud yelling, what sounded almost like a little girl screeching, so I looked out and this is what it was. Crazy, I see these guys up in Big Bear Lake, CA and here they are welcoming me to Uganda!

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