Uganda Day 1- Entebbe (part 2)

It’s been a long day in Entebbe, but a good one.  Today has been a rest day as we waited for the rest of the group to arrive, several flights were significantly delayed (thankfully not mine).  I was hoping to sneak away and try and catch a Nile Perch on Lake Victoria, but the fisherman wanted way too much money to take me out for just a 1 -2 trip.  I have to say I was expecting the ole dollar to go further than it’s getting me here.

It’s been great connecting with some of the artists on this trip.  If you get a chance check out what these guys are up to: Jon Bauer, Steve Darmody, Frank and Pam Grubbs, Marquis and Theresa Laughlin, Jason Squires

Tomorrow I’m going to visit an ADP (area Development Plan) that was recently opened in October of 2008 near Masaka.  We will get to check out one of the schools, and also get to talk to a farmer’s group.  Tomorrow night we’ll stay in Rakai. So tomorrow is really when it all begins.

There’s a wildlife park right down the street from the hotel we’re staying at tonight, so we all walked down there to check it out.  It was nice.  It’s right on the banks of Lake Victoria.  Here are the pics of the day, still getting to know my new camera…

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