Word Vision is trying to raise awareness and funds to help fight the famine in the horn of Africa this week.  I’m not sure how informed you may  be, but here are a few facts:

  • 12.4 million are affected in the region, and some 30,000 children have already lost their lives
  • More than 35% of all children in the region are now facing emergency levels of malnutrition
  • Starvation is a real threat in famine-declared areas of Somalia
  • Worst drought in 60 years
  • World Vision has assisted communities in the Horn of Africa for 3 decades.
  • Even now, our teams in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia are responding to this crisis with food, water, blankets and other critical needs for families

How you can help:
A quick and easy way to make a donation of $10 towards this cause is to text “FAMINE” to “20222″.  The website and the WV donation page ( has more info if you’d like it.

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